How to Grow a Thriving Women's Wellness Business

Discover the 3 Ways That Women's Wellness Businesses Are Growing the Fastest Today

You'll learn:

How women's health improves global prosperity.

Why holistic women's wellness is growing rapidly today.

What kinds of wellness businesses are most in demand.

Why there is still a great need for empowered women's wellness support.

The top trends in the wellness industry for entrepreneurs to pay attention to.

How to be a leader in the growing women's wellness movement.


Hosted by:
Kara Maria Ananda
Founder of Maia University



Kara has over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur in the healing arts, women's health, coaching, and education. She's passionate about supporting conscious entrepreneurs to create bigger impacts, transform the world, and grow thriving businesses. Her mission is to help empower women's wellness worldwide today, and to uplift women in wellness businesses, as a catalyst for global healing and sustainable transformation. 

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